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My two boys, Nicolas and Patrick, always asked me to rent a recreational vehicle for a family road trip. For some reason, though we traveled together quite a bit, I didn’t get around to it until the spring of 2006. By that time, Nicolas was off in college, but Patrick, aged 14 at the time, was still at home and game to go with me. So off we went to California’s Gold Country towing our Jeep Wrangler. As usual, we had a good time together and enjoyed shooting baskets and making our own little mess inside the RV. I can see why people love them just the way my parents and I had fun

with the trailers we had when I was growing up. When I was nine, we picked up a little fourteen-foot Traveleze trailer on July 4th, named it Firecracker, and spent many fabulous weekends over the years camped in Yosemite and elsewhere in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the southern Cascades. Twice on one trip, shortly after purchasing Firecracker, my mom and dad got stuck trying to pull it over the steep and narrow Sonora Pass with a struggling ’54 Plymouth. We had to turn the trailer around, by hand, once in the middle of the night, and retreat to the bottom of the pass. Both times we barely avoided plunging hundreds of feet down the mountain into oblivion. I was impressed by my parents’ stubbornness and ingenuity in the face of crisis. I thought it was all a great adventure, but we learned our lesson, retired the Plymouth and ever after bowed to caution. When they retired, my parents bought a luxurious Airsteam trailer and spent many happy years cruising around America. I joined them now and then when I was an adult and we had some wonderful family times together. I hope those of you who are RV and trailer enthusiasts will send us your tips, recommendations and stories and that you’ll find OpenRoad.TV to be of value as you plan your own adventures.

Since our trip there in the spring of 2006, all remains well in Columbia State Historic Park, at the poignant Jewish Cemetery in Sonora, and inside the fascinating chambers and narrow passage ways of Moaning Caverns. By the way, Patrick is now fifteen and about two inches taller.

This is the most authentic gold rush town, a remembrance of Jewish immigrants who helped shape modern California, and a cavernous creation of Mother Earth.
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