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I like traveling with kids and my son, Patrick, as you’ll see in the video, has always been a great companion. Most of the time, he’s willing to try all sorts of things. If you look through the videos on this website you’ll see him here and there at various ages. Great memories for me and for him, too, I hope. Along the way, Patrick’s had some memorable experiences and met some unforgettable people, as did his older brother before him on our many journeys together. I’m glad to see that both boys are now hooked, are venturing out on their own trips and are open to the wonders the world has to offer. I just hope they’ll be willing to take me with them every so often. In the meantime, I urge you to pack up your kids, if you have them, and hit the road. It’s never too soon or too late to start. An addiction to travel and exploration can be stimulated any time. And as addictions go, it doesn’t get much healthier. Just let us know what you discover with your families along the open road.

All the people we visited report that they are doing fine and looking forward to your visit to the Gold Country. I want to especially mention Sobon and other wineries for their recent support of the Rowell Award for the Art of Adventure. Great wine for a good cause. For more about the Rowell Award, go to our story page about Galen and Barbara Rowell and our efforts to honor their legacy. Galen’s daughter, Nicole Rowell Ryan, and her husband, Ray, are part of the fine wine-making community of Amador County.

See the fabled Mother Lode from the inside out and from deep underground, and discover fine wines and a devotion to the past on the hills nearby.
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