California's Lost Coast Discovered


A long time ago, when railroads and roadways were replacing ships at sea as the main modes of travel up and down the California coast, one region largely disappeared from the maps. Serious highways and rail lines could not penetrate the Kings Range and the Sinkyone Wilderness where mountains surged thousands of feet straight up from the ocean's edge. The Lost Coast was born and the twentieth century mostly passed it by. These days the coast is no longer quite as lost as it used to be. It's easy to find but it's by no means overrun. At least five hours from the nearest metropolitan area, the Lost Coast is still mostly wild, road-less, and except for the main drags in and out, unpaved. Roosevelt Elk thrive here and there. Steep trails lead to eye-popping views. Watch the weather, take precaution, drive appropriate vehicles, get the proper permits when required, check relevant state and federal agency websites for the latest information and then go and get happily but temporarily lost on your own terms.


Since we traveled to the Lost Coast, forty-two thousand acres of the Kings Range have been designated as backcountry wilderness. Carol Sullivan has moved on, but Rachel Sowards is working to revive the programs of the Lost Coast Interpretive Association.


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Explore the wildest and most rugged stretch of California’s grand shoreline. No wonder they call it the “Lost Coast.”
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