Barbary Coast Trail


San Francisco has been a melting pot for a century and a half, since the beginning of the Gold Rush. The City's traditions run deep and its characters are larger than life. The spirit that shaped San Francisco is still very much alive today. And a walk through parts of the City will reveal 15 decades of adventure and vision. The Barbary Coast Trail is a 3.8 mile walking trail that takes us back to the streets of old San Francisco. Daniel Bacon created the official Barbary Coast Trail and he wrote a book to help people find many of the fascinating sights along the way. The Trail starts at Fifth and Mission Streets and roughly follows San Francisco's original waterfront north towards Fisherman's Wharf.

Daniel Bacon reports that they have a new website: and, "In addition to our two printed guides, Walking San Francisco on the Barbary Coast Trail and Barbary Coast Trail Official Guide, we now have a downloadable audio tour that features period music, sound effects, and historic reenactments. Users download the tour and accompanying map from our website, then transfer the audio portion to their iPod or MP3 player, print out the map on their printer, and head out on the the trail."

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Barbary Coast Trail
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