Rock City on Mount Diablo (Submitted by yosemitejudy)

Go Climb A Rock…..Explore Rock City on Mount Diablo.
Mt. Diablo could have their own version of Yosemite Mountaineering School’s classic T Shirt.

The other day I took my 15 year old son up Mt. Diablo to show him Rock City. The last time he was there, he was just 4, so now as a teen, I had a feeling he would be in heaven—boy, is that an understatement! Ben had the greatest time bouldering, climbing, sliding and so did I. The last time I was up there was 11 years ago too and after such an incredible evening, it won’t be another 11 years until I visit Rock City again. Ben is already begging to go back.

Rock City is a haven of unusually large sandstone formations that beg to be climbed. The area is full of wind caves and fascinating formations. If there was a list of the best places in the Bay Area to view the sunset—and mostly likely that list exists somewhere—my vote would be at the top of Sentential Rock in Rock City. It’s a short hike from the trailhead and picnic area. There is not a sign at the rock, but you’ll know when you arrive. There are makeshift stairs carved into the soft sandstone and a cable fence outlines the top of the rock. The view and the sense of serenity make it more than worth the climb.

It was a wonderful afternoon and evening rediscovering Rock City again. If you have never been there, be sure to put it on your list of must see places in the Bay Area. If Rock City is a part of your youth, venture back for a visit. It is just as majestic, if not more so. Mt. Diablo rises 3,849 feet from the valley floor, accessible from either Walnut Creek or Danville and is a recreational, geological, and ecological paradise.

Be sure to check out Danville Mike’s article about Mt. Diablo State Park in general here on It’s full of great information and beautiful pictures. When you travel to the park, don’t miss Rock City….an adventure for the young and the young at heart (with good knees!).
Happy Travels,

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