OpenRoad Television - Episode 101

We thank our partner-sponsors of OpenRoad with Doug McConnell, Kaiser Permanente , East Bay Regional Park District and Lake County, California for making the series possible.   

 -- Doug McConnell


I hope you enjoyed our recent show on Public Television featuring adventures in Alaska.  (If you missed it, or live outside the Bay Area, you can see it here .) And I encourage you to travel to Alaska as quickly and as often as possible.  As I mentioned in the program, I lived there for 9 years and get back as often as possible.   It's one of my favorite places on earth.

We'll have more shows on Alaska coming up soon, and we'll post them here.  We already have some additional Alaska videos and related material on OpenRoad.TV.  Just follow the links in the right hand column. We also invite and enourage you to send us your own stories of travel in the Great Land in pictures, text and/or video.  We'd very much like to know what you've experienced up north and what you recommend to the rest of us.  

We've done our best here to give you some useful links to good resources that can help you plan your own journeys in Alaska or follow up what you saw on the show.   And we've also provided links to excellent organizations working to protect Alaska's wild wonders for generations to come.  We believe in exploring and enjoying the natural, historic and cultural treasures of the West and beyond and helping care for them as well.  There are many ways to do that, of course, and we urge you to send us your tips as well.  Together, we can find ways to play positive roles in helping to leave the region in better shape than we found it.  Traveling with a purpose can enrich the whole experience.

By way of full disclosure, I've served on the Board of the Alaska Conservation Foundation for many years.   ACF plays many roles in efforts to care for Alaska's environment, but at its core the organization raises money to support conservation organizations and programs in Alaska.  If you'd like to know more about many of the conservation groups working in the state, the ACF website is one good place to start.

And besides Alaska, we also featured on the show some of our favorite road trips in the West. If you want to know more about them, we've added a few links as well.  We'll have more terrific road trips of our own in forthcoming shows and we'd like to hear about drives you especially like.  The West was almost perfectly designed for road-tripping.  I've got more favorites than I can count, but I'm always up for discovering more.  

Finally, we've got the KQED broadcast schedule and links to the KQED website in case you want to watch the show again. In time, we hope, OpenRoad will be broadcast on many Public Television stations around the West and elsewhere in the nation.   That's the plan, anyway, but it's great to start near our own home.  KQED has long been an important institution in the Bay Area, and as our presenting station is a wonderful partner.   All of us are very pleased to be on its air and to be part of the Public Broadcasting community.

Our next show will focus on islands in Hawaii.  We hope you stay tuned and keep coming back.

Happy travels.


   posted by : valerie labreche on 10/7/2009 at 11:42 PM
Would you please give me the route numbers you followed on the loop from Zion and return in this episode. thank you, valerie labreche

Alaska's mountains, glaciers, whales and bears. 3 favorite western road trips.  The king of the art cars.  All part of episode 1 of OpenRoad with Doug McConnell.
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