OpenRoad Television - Episode 103

We thank our partner-sponsors of OpenRoad with Doug McConnell, Kaiser Permanente , East Bay Regional Park District and Lake County, California for making the series possible.   

 -- Doug McConnell


I hope you enjoy the third show in our OpenRoad series.  If you miss it on Public Television in the Bay Area and don't want to wait until other stations begin airing it where you live this fall, you can watch it right here.  

The program focuses principally on adventures in and around Yosemite National Park in California.   Yosemite holds special meaning for me as it does for many people.   In my case, as I was growing up, my parents and I spent dozens and dozens of days and nights exploring and appreciating the famous Valley and the less-traveled high country all around it.   In many ways, as I've often said, I feel as if I grew up in the Park.  It helped shape my enduring love of nature and my desire to help nurture and protect it.   

As an adult, personally and professionally, I've been back to Yosemite countless times in every season and find something new to admire and appreciate every time.   Some of my Yosemite experiences, beyond what we included in the broadcast, are here on our website in the column to the right.  You might want to check them out. I have many more stories to tell about Yosemite, but I'll save them now for another day.  

If you decide to take the hike to the top of Half Dome, please be mindful of the challenge, prepare yourself properly and be wise.  One of our good friends, Rick Deutsch, is the world's leading expert on the Half Dome trek.  Also here to the right, you'll find an interview we did with Rick.  Take a look, pick up his book and follow his lead.

I also urge you to support the good groups that are working hard to help interpret, protect and enhance the Park.   Three of my favorites are the Yosemite Fund, NatureBridge and the Yosemite Association.  

Oh, and one last thing.   I almost hate to admit this, but as I write this in the first week of April, 2009, I'm reminded that right now marks the 40th anniversary of my first job in television.  Wow!  Time flies.  But I still feel pretty young and full of energy for more adventures.   I hope to live another 60 years or so.  I've got too many places on my list that I haven't seen yet.

Anyway, I bring all this up to give thanks to a couple of people.  First, a fellow named Don Bresnahan seemed to believe in me as a young writer and reporter....and 40 years ago at KTLA TV in Los Angeles gave me the encouragement to move forward in this media and storytelling business.   He also gave me some essential training and his old typewriter, and I've never really looked back.  I owe Don a lot and think of him often.   He's no longer with us...but he's often looking over my shoulder every time I hit the keyboard.  I wish he were around to edit this stuff and make it better.  To his kids, Erin and Mark, just know that I'm doing my best to live up to Don's expectations.

And for some strange and unfathomable reason, I've always done much of my writing in cafes and restuarants.....long before Wi Fi and well before personal computers. Writing is solitary but I'm pretty social.   Maybe I just need the noise.  Fortunately, I can concentrate like mad and tune things out when I want to.....which can sometimes annoy my family and friends.  The tuning out part, I mean.  My favorite cafe for writing these past years has been and is Emporio Rulli near my home in Marin County, California.   I owe the Rulli family a great debt for allowing me to sit near an electric outlet for hours...pounding away on missives such as this and many stories that have hit the air.   It's been a latte-fueled process and I'm not quite ready to give up the process or the coffee.  So if you happen to see me there in my corner "office," please say hello.  If I don't pay attention, it's only because I'm on a deadline.     

There are more folks to write about....but I've got to go.  Rullis is about to close.

Check out Episode 3. Yosemite's famous and lesser-known treasures. Places to see wildlife. And a memorable Sebastopol artist.
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