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Ask most Californians if they know where Modoc County is, and the answer is almost always a shrug. Even fewer have ever been there. Fewer still have stayed any longer than it takes to drive straight through, and because Modoc is not really on the way to booming centers of action elsewhere it

sees only a tiny fraction of California’s traveling public. All of which makes Modoc County an ideal place to hit the Open Road. I’ve had the good fortune to travel through and explore Modoc a number of times, and my most recent journey there reminded me of what I like so much about California’s (relatively) empty quarter. If you enjoy the outdoors, history, physical adventure and the broad expanse of a western landscape, all of which I do very much, Modoc has a lot to offer. You can find some good lodging, especially in Cedarville, a few square meals here and there and an occasional latte. But if you’re looking for high cuisine and big resorts, Modoc isn’t the place. For that, head to Reno or Tahoe. For the old west, Modoc’s it.

Since our trip to Modoc in August, 2006, the Adin Supply Company celebrated its 100th anniversary. Steve and Julie report that business is still good, and Dell and Judy tell us that they, their horses and their smart lead dog continue to enjoy their slice and sniffs of the Old West.


In California, you can’t get more remote than this, the far northeastern corner of the state where locals say, “The West Still Lives.”
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