Mendocino's Many Charms



Every time I think I’ve seen it all near Mendocino’s seaside, I discover something new or I see a familiar scene in a brand new light. Of course, that’s the whole concept of the Open Road. If you slow down and stay alert, no matter where you are, the world will engage and intrigue you in all kinds of wonderful and unexpected ways. That’s especially true in Mendocino, in part because it’s so beautiful and fresh that your senses are always sharp and its offerings are truly superb. As I have elsewhere in this region, I urge you to drive Highway 1 only a few miles at a time if you can. Stop in the many state parks along the road, visit the historic towns and villages along the way, get out onto the water in sea kayaks or go scuba diving if you’re prepared, wander inland on narrow and winding roads, and stop by the Stanford Inn, just outside the village of Mendocino, and rent a hand-crafted outrigger canoe. Then paddle upstream into deep forests that have been recently protected. You’ll find yourself in a quiet reserve that you and the birds are likely to have all to yourselves. Then head back to the Inn for some fine wine and an excellent vegetarian meal, and be sure to pet the cats and dogs on your way in.


Riding has never been better on and around Ricochet Ranch which offers all kinds of weeklong, weekend and daily trail rides and vacation packages that include whale watching, wine tasting and kayaking. Lari Shea herself hosts a six-day journey that includes riding every day, fine dining, live entertainment and a whole lot more. Sounds absolutely terrific. Meanwhile, the Skunk Train, Noyo Harbor , Mendocino Botanical Gardens and all the state parks along the coast remain terrific, too.


You’ll need many trips to see and do all that the Mendocino coast has to offer. From horses to history to horticulture, with some parks thrown in, here are just a few.
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Mendocino Botanical Gardens
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Mendocino Fun
Mendocino Headlands State Park
Noyo Harbor
Ricochet Ridge Ranch
Russian Gulch State Park
The Skunk Train

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